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Marketing Job Titles of the Future
What skills, mindsets and abilities will define the Marketer of Tomorrow? They may not be what you think … (hint: math will be required!) Jeff paints a vivid picture for aspiring marketers and long-time professionals coming to terms with the industry changes happening around them. Attendees will walk away with valuable career advice, a list of key marketing job titles worth evolving toward, and a wealth of tools and resources they will need to remake themselves as marketers equipped for the digital age.

Getting the Most from Social Listening
Marketers and advertisers are challenged every day to do more with less. Market research is no exception. That's why it's critical to take advantage of the world's largest, free focus group: social media. With social listening tools, agencies and brand teams can develop deep, market-moving insights from the posts of millions of web users. Jeff shows you where to start and how to separate noise from signal, sharing frameworks, methodologies, and tools developed through dozens of successful social listening projects.

Viral Marketing Secrets Revealed!
The holy grail of 21st century marketing is a campaign that goes viral: Ten million hits on YouTube. A million followers on Facebook. But few viral marketers will share their secrets. (Especially the biggest one: Most "viral" marketing gets a lift from very un-viral sources!) In this engaging and educational presentation, Jeff takes audiences on a surprising journey through viral marketing history, showing them what's worked and what hasn't -- including his own experiences from the social media frontier. Attendees will learn how to apply these lessons to their own marketing efforts, and just maybe, how to create the next big viral campaign.   

Nine Global Sales & Marketing Trends You Need To Know

The future is upon us ... and it's time to take action! Enrich your sales and marketing teams with a visionary yet practical discussion of the Nine Global Sales & Marketing Trends that are changing sales forever. Learn which technologies will shape marketing the most ... what markets have the best demographics for growth ... how demand for luxury products will drive every industry, from Accounting to Zipper production. An intense, interactive and eye-opening presentation that will get audiences thinking and acting.

20 Ways to Build Your Side Business
The Great Recession may end up being the "great motivator" for the American economy. In its wake, millions of professionals, business owners, stay-at-home moms, and retirees are building side businesses to stay one step ahead of the economy. Jeff shows audiences how they can overcome financial uncertainty and successfully grow a side business from scratch, with inspiring stories and lots of practical tips. All attendees receive a copy of Speaking on the Side, Jeff's acclaimed how-to book
How to Give a Presentation While Having a Panic Attack
Public speaking consistently ranks as the scariest experience we can have. In surveys, people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death. Yet speaking and presenting are critical skills that can make the difference between success and failure in business. How can we give presentations in spite of fear? In a practical, funny, and very personal presentation, Jeff gives audiences the skills and confidence to confront the fear of speaking head-on. All attendees receive a copy of Jeff's new e-book, How to Give a Presentation While Having a Panic Attack.
The One-Page Marketing Plan
Jeff originally created The One-Page Marketing Plan for speaking professionals, based on his 15+ years in the marketing field and his own successful speaking practice. But anyone in business can put the principles of Jeff's plan to work -- whether you're marketing an organization, a small business, or yourself. Participants will get right to the heart of what works in marketing today, with case studies and practical guidance. And attendees will get to build their own one-page marketing plan during the session.

Ten Apps to Transform Your Business

Today, 85% of small businesses use smart phones for their operations, per the AT&T Small Business Technology Poll. But with 1.2 million apps in the App Store alone, where do you start? Jeff will share his framework for prioritizing apps, illustrating how the right ones can become transformative business tools. A pre-presentation survey will enable participation from across your organization, generating a more customized experience for attendees.  

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