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We've worked with some of the best marketing speakers in the business. If you're looking for more great speakers who will inform, motivate and inspire your association or company, please visit one of the links below:

Ilise Benun, "The Marketing Mentor"

  • Looking for an expert at self promotion and creative, inexpensive marketing tips? Look no further than Ilise, author of Self Promotion Online.

    Mark Hughes, Buzzmarketing

  • Mark has been compared to speaker Malcolm Gladwell for his engaging presentations on getting people to talk about your brand. He is a sought-after business speaker who has challenged audiences to think differently about marketing. Mark's book Buzzmarketing received top 10 honors from numerous business publications.

    Larry Bailin, Single Throw

  • Larry is one of the most sought-after speakers in his home state of NJ and is considered one of the top marketing public speakers. For seminars, events and workshops related to Internet and search engine marketing and customer acquisition in the digital age, be sure to give Larry a call!

    Karen Post, The Branding Diva

  • Karen, a self-described branding enthusiast has been counseling companies on creativity and branding for 23 years. She's witty, unorthodox and highly compelling. Friends and colleagues call her the branding diva and clearly this moniker fits! Her latest book Brain Tatoos is a best-seller, and her column in Fast Company is a monthly must-read.

    Beth Zimmerman, Cerebellas

  • Beth is a strategic planning and market strategy consultant who brings a dynamic range of business intelligence insights to clients and speaking audiences. She has counseled some of the largest companies (and the smallest) on market strategy, competitive inteligence and brand architecture -- with an emphasis on marketing to niche audiences including women, Hispanics and Baby Boomers. Beth likes asking the tough questions others might shy away from.

    Heather Lutze, Findability Group

  • We're big fans of Heather Lutze, a leading SEO Speaker and author of The Findability Formula, who helps audiences understand how to simply and effectively leverage Google, Bing, and other search engines to increase sales and grow organizations.


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