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Twenty-First Century Marketing
It's the 21st century -- do you know where your customers are? If not, you're not alone. Marketers in every industry are struggling with changes in the media landscape and new technology. Web 2.0 expert Jeff Greene leads audiences through a hands-on, "guided tour" of all the new resources and techniques available to marketers, from podcasts and blogs to web streaming and PDAs. Jeff will even help your group "update" their current marketing plans to incorporate these exciting new stratgies. Audience participation required!

Audiences: advertising and marketing professionals, public relations and community outreach professionals, sales professionals, senior management

Have You Heard About Word Of Mouth Marketing?
A fast food chain creates an Internet game about a chicken … and 20 million people visit its web site. Have you heard about word of mouth marketing? Social media and viral marketing pioneer Jeff Greene will show you how to leverage the enormous power of “WOM” with real-world case studies, cost-effective “how to’s” and trends from the front lines of 21st Century Marketing. You’ll walk away with an action plan for incorporating mobile marketing, branded content, viral campaigns, blogs and more into your communications plans – and an understanding why these new techniques will explode your company’s return on its marketing investment.

Audiences: marketing professionals, public relations and community outreach professionals

Going Mobile
Last year American consumers sent 158 billion text messages – almost double from the previous year. Today add in multimedia messages, IM, ringtones and video, and you have the fastest-growing medium in history. Digital marketing expert Jeff Greene walks marketers through this exciting new territory, separating fact from fiction and identifying real-world applications that can be activated now. Whether your audience markets to Millennials or the Blackberry crowd, they will leave with a cost-effective strategy for connecting with mobile customers.

Audiences: advertising and marketing professionals, senior management

Nine Global Sales & Marketing Trends You Need To Know
The future is upon us ... and it's time to take action! Enrich your sales and marketing teams with a visionary yet practical discussion of the Nine Global Sales & Marketing Trends that are changing sales forever. Learn which technologies will shape marketing the most ... what markets have the best demographics for growth ... how demand for luxury products will drive every industry, from Accounting to Zipper production. An intense, interactive and eye-opening presentation that will wake up your audience and get them thinking.

Audiences: sales and marketing managers, senior management

Marketer 2.0
What skills, mindsets and abilities will define the Marketer of Tomorrow? They may not be what you think … (hint: math will be required!) Jeff paints a vivid picture for aspiring marketers and long-time professionals coming to terms with the industry changes happening around them. Attendees will walk away with valuable career advice, the Top Five Future Marketing Job Titles, and a wealth of tools and resources they will need to remake themselves as marketers equipped for the digital age.

Audiences: marketing professionals, public relations and community outreach professionals, sales professionals, senior management

The Future Is Out Of Home
Thanks to innovations like Tivo, spam filters and the Do Not Call Registry, marketers are finding it harder than ever to reach consumers when they're at home. So marketers of the future will need to reach their audience outside the home. With hundreds of options available, that's easier said than done – thanks to programs rolling out from manufacturers like Ford, even your car will become an advertising “vehicle.” Jeff Greene combines cutting-edge trends with actionable ideas about mobile marketing, digital outdoor advertising and “indoor” advertising to help marketers envision out-of-home campaigns that are incredible ... and incredibly effective.

Audiences: sales and marketing professionals, senior management

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